Safe Ketamine
Safety Information for Physicians and Patients

There are many ketamine clinics popping up these days. There are some basic safety features that you should see in a ketamine clinic. 

Monitoring: All ketamine clinics should have continuous monitoring of your heart rate (ECG), respiratory rate and oxygen level (Pulse Ox). Blood pressure should be taken every 30 minutes. There should be a healthcare practitioner (at least a nurse) monitoring your vital signs and the IV site continuously. He/she should also be documenting your level of consciousness and agitation. Medication should be given or adjusted based on all of this information.

Premedication: Ketamine can cause your heart rate and blood pressure to increase; therefore it is recommended that one hour prior to the start of the ketamine infusion 0.1 mg of Clonidine should be given by mouth. Just prior to the start of the ketamine infusion 1 mg of Ativan should be given by mouth to help prevent agitation caused by ketamine. At the time of infusion a bolus of versed and zophran. The versed helps the patient not have as vivid of hallucinations. The zophran prevents nausea/vomiting.

Ketamine dosages: Depending on the physician, ketamine dosages range from 0.5 mg/kg/hr of ketamine to 2 mg/kg/hr of ketamine. Dosages are adjusted based on the individuals tolerance.

Other medications given with ketamine: Opiates should not be given with ketamine. Many with CRPS are on Low Dose Naltrexone. Opiates have also been shown to increase glial cell activation which increases inflammation. Versed can be mixed in the bag with the ketamine to give continuous sedation. Magnesium and Lidocaine are other medications that can be added to the ketamine to decrease CRPS pain.

In addition to monitoring, there are other safety features that you should look for when choosing your ketamine infusion site. Ask if they have the following equipment:

An Ambu bag (a resuscitation device)
Back board
Resuscitation medications to treat hyper/hypotension and tachy/bradycardia 
A transport to hospital plan in place 

CRPS Partners In Pain, Inc. helps people in all different walks of life.

strong choice collageIMG_1288IMG_1287IMG_1433Katie

Katie Rogers: “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Words will never be able to express how I feel…..it was one year ago that I met Dr. Chopra……that appointment changed my life forever. Better yet……his plan put me into remission. I’ve had the BEST winter ever as far as my CRPS goes this year. I still deal with some dystonia, but I’ll take that any day over the fire , burning pain. I remain in remission, which is incredible-!!!! I love you guys SO much! Thank you for getting me in with the right doctor, who was able to put all of the puzzle pieces together. There was SO much more going on than what we realized. Once ALL of the conditions were addressed and treated, things started turning around. THANK YOU for such an incredible organization!!!!! <3

I will be speaking as a success story to spread the word in front of politicians. lawyers, and BWC doctors in Ohio this year……..all made possible bc of this awesome organization. <3”

“Hello my name is Wendy Swift. I used to be an active,outgoing,working mother. attending all of my daughters gymnastics competitions , and just being completely engrossed and happy in my life. I developed crps immediately following ACL reconstruction surgery. I knew something was wrong. ACL surgery is extremely painful and so is the rehab, but this was so beyond what it was supposed to be. once I got diagnosed and started researching about my disease, I stumbled upon an alternative treatment. ketamine infusions. I joined Nancy Cotterman’s support group in early 2012. and was able to start receiving treatment In 2012. before Ketamine I was in bed 18 hours a day, barely walking, and using my wheelchair all day. since getting assistance from CRPS partners in pain, now I rarely use my wheelchair at home. I can participate more with helping cooking, loading the dishwasher etc. I still have to use my wheelchair when I go out in public, but I am out of bed a lot! My husband is so happy to see this progress. We are eternally grateful for all of your donations, prayers and assistance. I’m getting ready for more treatment in January of 2015. thank you and God bless.”




Hello, this is Nancy Cotterman. This is the type of person I started CRPS Partners In Pain, Inc to help. ” When I first met (we will call her Ann to protect her privacy) she had no health insurance, no income and was in horrific pain. Social Security Disability had denied her disability because they felt that if she wasn’t sick enough to have a treating physician to help with the application, then she wasn’t sick enough to qualify for SSD. The problem was that Ann did not have the money to pay to see a doctor, to pay for medications let alone to pay for testing. When Ann came to my attention and the attention of CRPS PIP, we checked to see if she met our qualifications and then went to work helping her to help herself. We gave her the tools. We had Ann research who was a good primary physician in her area. We paid for Ann’s evaluation, blood work, and suggested medication. The next part of the plan was to get her to a CRPS expert for a 4 hour evaluation and treatment plan. Ann flew to New England to see a well known CRPS physician, Pradeep Chopra MD. The evaluation was enlightening. While Ann now had the ammunition to appeal her SSD decision, CRPS PIP was sending her to FSI in Clearwater to get ketamine infusions while she waited for the SSD process. Because Ann got medical care and treatment, she was able to win her SSD judgement. While she was waiting thought the long process, she was able to get ketamine infusions. Ann now has a fixed income and Medicare. This is why CRPS PIP does what we do.”


Theresa McCann writes: “Hello all..As you’ve all heard I had a bad circumstance that ended my treatment for RSD. As you can imagine, I was horrified and went through an emotionally as well as physically terrifying experience. Well I contactedNancy Cotterman from CRPS Partners In Pain she and this organization came through for me. ♡I am scheduled in February to fly out and have this treatment! And they can help with the boosters as well as the medication for skin lesions. I will keep everyone updated! Can’t wait!! I’d also like to ask all of my friends and family to PLEASE donate to this organization, and I’d like to personally thank Jane Miller for her donation♡. Anything will help and I’m not the only one and feel blessed this is happening. Thank you CRPS Partners In Pain ♡www.crpspartnersinpain.com”


Calvin Clifford Mortz Wrote: “The Beast has altered my life for the absolute worst. Lost my wife of 20+ years, my home, my career, my financial status & the inability to make money now & in the foreseeable future, going from a 6 figure income to struggling with surviving on SS disability is a hardship I never imagined would happen to me. Never mind the pain the Beast brings on a regular & almost constant basis, life at times hardly seems worthy of carrrying on. I have tried with no success with all the known medical voodoo. The only treatment I had not undergone was the high dosage Ketamine Infusions which has been s life saver for a lot of us. I arranged this treatment & discovered unsurprisingly that I could not afford it. And in steps CRPS PIP which generously donated the necessary cash infusion thus allowing me to undergo this procedure. After some initial pain relief I was back to the same old pain. It seems that the KI does not work on all, case to case. I was desperate to try it & even though it proved unsuccessful, I certainly would not have known if it were not for the generosity of the CRPS Partners in Pain. I am eternally grateful for the financial support, not to mention the morale boost that was freely given alongside the money. The CRPS PIP is a God sent gift & has aided people like myself & will continue to do so as long those with the financial wherewithal continue to donate to this potentially life altering & charitable organization. Please help to make this wonderful service available to those that are in need. CRPS/RSD is sometimes named the suicide disease, the pain & life altering aspects are unfortunately to severe for some of us to continue to carry on. I like so many of us have contemplated ending the misery the Beast brings on an almost daily basis; but when helped by the great & generous people that oversee this more than worthwhile charity it brings the strength to soldier on.”

Anonymous “CRPS PIP has been a Godsend for me.
I have been fighting CRPS that has gone full body for nearly 25 years now. I have been bedridden most of that time. Mine was caused by a near fatal car crash at high speed with a tractor trailer. Four months later I was broad sided. The doctors were concentrating on my multiple injuries and suggested doing 15 surgeries. I knew something else underlying was happening to my whole body causing it to be in excruciating pain and making it unbearable for me to move. I had two of the surgeries suggested that were imperative , bilateral rib resections caused by TOS. Shortly after I was diagnosed with this awful disease in my lower extremities and upper body.

My family that lived close by rarely came to visit. I had a an aid all day and a husband that took good care of me for a long time. We moved from the NE to get away from the brutal cold and came to Fl. My husband ended up losing his company and we face financial devastation and had no support system.
Thank God for this support system who became my allies in the fight of my life after a rotator cuff surgery that could not be avoided and stirred up my CRPS to a whole new level. They showed me where to go for information, how to learn about my disease and in turn become much more proactive in getting help and treatment such as Ketamine and Calamare. But more important they became the family I no longer had. I have some of the warmest, kindest and most loving people in this group. I can’t say enough about Nancy Cotterman and her leadership, devotion and source of knowledge she has been.
I am still in a bad way physically but emotionally I don’t know where I would be without this group I count on so genuinely. I love them like family and will always be there.”